# New house new view

My first post at my new house. Surprisingly its not as noisy as i thought, probably our neighbor’s renovation not start yet. Wriggle eyebrow! Dining area has a better view over the green coney island. It makes even better if i can have a tub of dark chocolate ice cream now 😛


I can’t imagine how a director downgraded himself from doing big things to doing insurance admin work. Fucking kelian sia! My god. I don’t see other dealership boss hands on insurance and beg customer to buy from them. Tsk tsk tsk.

来日方长 . Lets see if you can SEND your staff over when customer met an accident. Lets see how GOOD your service is at the point of time. Some more your stupid wife less off all her commission to get the deal back? ah So poor thing.

慢慢抱着你的保险死吧 哈哈哈哈! KTHXBYE ~

# Good Sept

It had been a good September. Dear god, please let me close the 3 vehicles today. I had been good and live my life to the fullest. Most importantly, i had gotten over of whats gone & can’t be bothered by those customers that don’t appreciate our services (: I believe we will meet good and kind customers along the way. Sona had been doing good with the good support of customers and backend.

Things getting better, i can proceed with some self upgrading and moving on to a better and bigger planet (:

Good luck to me later!

# Hello September

Busy busy and very busy over 2nd half of the year. Very busy = very tired = very dunno what to do = very lost track = very indecisive = very blur = very demoralised.


Okay house reno, house, tables, sisters, weddings. Oh my tian.


Was watching channel U and this guy was really encouraging with his own story! 成功 就不可以偷懒, 用心去做就不可能做不到。Yup thats what im doing and stressing myself every day. As long as i worked hard and being responsible, people will know my effort and i know i will be up there one day.

山外有山 天外有天。I did the same ting like this guy, dare to dream. If you don’t dream, u will never act. If u don even dare to dream then you will forever remain as it is. Know your enemies know yourself one hundred battles one hundred victories.

[ All from the Channel U show]

No one can take away your experiences. 令人家负我 than 我负他人。

Credit: Mich – Cutie pie feifei (: