Things Never Be Fair ;

Ranting my thoughts! What ever shit i had received from bloody ass here,  I’ll take it as a training instead! I often stand at my customer’s point of view instead of the bank point of view. If i’m the customer and loan keep on giving trouble than helping i would rather find another bank that will approve on my loan. In this kinda era, who is sticking to rules & regulations? if you do not want my loan (For Example) then i shall jolly well find another bank that accept me. TRUE ANOT?

The world is not just going round your finance and jolly well note that we are one company, if you want to use your rules and regulation on us then let all of us know where your business is coming from?  Always know the root of the problem!

I don’t even owe you any reason for that. Beating around the bush and siding (not the right facts) doesn’t reflect good on you. BOHO!

Put on your thinking cap & make the business prosper! Stop giving us Bloody Problem that is worse than my MENSES! Arghhh #@^&#&$#$@



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