Commercial/Private Vehicles ;

I’m having problem sleeping nowadays. Slept at 12plus and woke up at 7plus, i can’t seem to have enough rest. Feeling lethargic every single moment. Gosh, don’t know what went wrong. Brainstorming s just too tiring. Need to find alternative asap.


Look at this lovely Fuso! our new toy @ container C. Honda Freed for Hui, Fuso Canter for K.
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Vehicles are something that s not distant to me ; when I’m small, i used to like this type of vehicle: ( But aft i grown up, this is impossible lol )


My Favorite car & color ; 4 Years back when i’m in Great Eastern. Nissan March Black. Ever year during goal setting, i will definitely set this as my goal. Even if i don’t hit my target for that year, at least i did set something else (easier to achieve) for myself. (no fish prawn also good) Well, That’s business goal. Photobucket

I love small CC & cute cars like Peugeot 207 & VW Beetle ; Basically i have nothing to fancy about my work place other than having to see nice vehicles every now and then. Heart White, Black & red vehicle 🙂


To add on ;

For vehicle insurance, feel free to drop us an email at

For Vehicle fleet sales/purchase:

Intro to your family & friends now!

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(new facelift will be up soon) stay tune!


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