Wednesday ;

My awesome breakfast (: I love this bearbear bread from breadtalk! The first bite s always the bearbear’s ear; YUMMY ! Go try this, you’ll nv regret (:



I hate those super selfish ppl that only care about him/herself. Why can’t they just spend a little thought for the ppl around them? Why everything got to be so gay gao so ley zhey? Seriously, i don’t understand why.

When ppl treat you good, shouldn’t be in-return u treat them good too? I think i’m being too kind to people that thy often took me for granted.

Everyone likes comparison. But different people behaved in different way & comes in different background. How to compare? Can you compare a diploma holder & olevel? Can you compare degree holder with olevel? Apparently, you can’t. So don’t ever compare his/her pay nor his/her bonus. If simple logic & you can’t understand it, then maybe you need to further your education.

I’m an independent person. I know when to socialize & when not. Ain’t a little girl that need ppl to guide me 24/7. Sometimes i do need a little respect & understanding from everyone. Just take a little more time to understand me more and you’ll find me a different person that you are comfortable being with. (Just a little time)

Xoxo, Xy Steph.


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