Pre-bday with ky <3

17 January –
This gonna be a long post! (:
I had a great great time with Ky 老妖 today ; Just a lovely bday card from her already made me cry like a child. She really put in effort to write & as well as choosing my birthday gift ; Every year she never fail to put in effort to make my birthday a fruitful & memorable one.

Last year, she bought kong ming deng & we released it off at Tampines. I always wanted to 放 kong ming deng but i din have a chance to do so. Yet this silly girl of mine, fulfilled my wish. I’ll never forget – 1

Few years back when my mum wasn’t in good health. She’s always the one that accompany me to chat till late in the night. My chat buddy 24/7. We had been chatting tru wadsapp every day for years & it’s never tiring gossiping with her (; (though sometimes she very guai lan lol) I’ll never forget -2
20130118-001150.jpgIt’s really heart warming seeing someone close to your heart putting in effort to make you happy. The things that she had done for me, none of you can ever imagine that (: I’ll never forget- 3 20130118-002806.jpg
Awesome dinner @ Imperial Treasure – Taka. Many variety of food to choose from ; The portion is relatively small, good for small eater like us! HAHA! I love their rice, the taste of it is so different from home cooked rice. Pandan taste had enhanced the whole bowl of rice. *YUMMY*

After patron ass starhub, we went over to Canele to have dessert (: Le peach & Macaroons. I ordered one hazelnut & rose. Their cake & macaroons are not that sweet! Good good for me as i don’t really fancy sweet thingy. Pop by Canele & remember to order their Macaroons (:
Photos of the day : 20130118-010339.jpg20130118-010615.jpg20130118-010849.jpg20130118-010920.jpg
Thank you for all the bits & pieces of happiness & Blessing (: I appreciate deeply from the bottom of my heart! Love U Fong!

Yours Sincerely,
Stone Fish Xin20130118-012245.jpg


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