21 January Celebration ;

21 January 2013 ;
My bday wishes for 2013 will be :
good health for my family & best friends, smooth business (in midst of planning), lesser 小人 around me, get through the assessment, stay blissful with cs :’)

Lunch with Kk & hui @ shan tou restaurant located at toapayoh central. Food wasn’t as good as last time. The previous time I went they served nice dim sum, u will get to see those dim sum aunty pushing the tray around. But nw = CUI.

Saviour Hui saved a dog near our office area ; this dog had been stucked in the drain for days. Really very kelian.. Funniest thing s that Hui added on by saying : This will be the present from him to me (by saving the dog) hahaha. Good deed good deed! GYM bless u hahaha.


Appreciate Kk’s lunch and hui’s kind heart in saving the pathetic dog for me haha! I thanked you on behalf of the dog. Lol. Nicest ppl in the company I ever met; Really not sure what’s coming up next. but I’m glad you guys came into my life as colleague as well as bros that entertained me no matter rain or shine!


Ufos celebration @ Sukiya (Marina square branch). This branch have more varieties of food than the one located at bugis plus. Cheese tofu, chicken cheese ball & Japanese potato s a must to try @ Sukiya :’)  After our nice dinner, we headed over to starbucks for 2nd round of madness. Thank you guys for putting effort in organising & being presence for the event. Lastly, thank you once again for the lovely present, cake & angpaos :’)



Much love, XY Steph ♡


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