Saturday ;

Last week was a busy week ; Rushing tru & fro to get my phone ; Well everything s fine now :’)

The first liking is pretty important. If i don’t like i will never like. As well as people.

Saturday ;
:’) thank niangniang that Cs had scored his 2 A1 smoothly in his module. I’m absolutely proud of you ; All the best for up-coming project & exams.

Movie ‘taxi taxi’ with cs ; Nice story line about taxi driver in singapore. The little boy “Jia Jia” s so damm cute! He’s the one that cast as MP in youtube video (Pls Ki chiu) haha!

Been a year since we last visited awesome steamboat @ 中华。Luckily we din choose Sukiya. If not i gonna miss the awesome tom yum udon & veggies ;’) this steamboat is much much more yummy than tian tian steamboat. I hate those BBQ smell that makes your whole hair smells like Roasted meat. Brrrr.

#nofilter image from iphone5
I’m so tired already! Time to rest now :’|
Xoxo xy steph


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