Sunday ;

A nice sunday watching HK series 回到三国 :’) 林峰 acted as Zhu Ge Liang in the drama. So chok & niap lah! Just nice 巴不得妈妈 ended last week & now i have a new drama to watch loh hohoho!

Official handover my tutee to dearie ; Short conversation with the mum & she melted my heart ; Yrika Jiayou !

Someone told me before that ” No one is indispensable of any one.” Somehow this makes me less emotional. But think about it, this doesn’t apply to every case. It’s just an excuse to make urself stronger.

处女鸡 @ Chinatown ; Awesome dark sauce enhanced the taste of the chicken. The chicken s really tender and it ain’t oily at all :’) Definitely worth queuing for it ! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Trip to chinatown with my family ; CNY is just round the corner but i still do not have the mood for it haha. Prolly sick of singapore (A place that has no 气氛 at all brrr) ; Met up my mum’s friend and her cutie pie! So damm cute!!
Photo of the day :
20130127-232606.jpgTime to rest! Ciaos :’)


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