Food of Joy – Chinatown

Tak po @ Chinatown ; The chicken porridge s so damm nicee! It tasted like peanut porridge! Those who like thick porridge can give it a try over there! Next would be the seafood springroll! The first bite came to my surprise that it wasn’t oily but crispy. Not exaggerating, its really awesome! Much more better than those @ Yum Cha. Personally find Yum Cha dim sum kind of oily and expensive.


This is the heavenly springroll that i’m full of praises of! Unlike those springroll that is full of juicy veggie. TOO NORMAL RIAO! haha Bet you can’t find this other than in Tak Po :’)


All time favorite custard bun was a disappointment. Plain yolk taste & this ultra small bun cost $1.10 each! I still prefer East ocean & Swee Chun custard bun :’)20130205-232515.jpg

That summarize my dim sum date with cs :’)


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