Been having lots of random thoughts recently; Maybe is due to pressure? Or rather not.

I start to realize i’m not a family person. Family person as in i don like socializing. Being an only child for 25 years i start to realize this problem in me. I have no problem mixing around with my closest cousins and relatives, Cos they are my closest kin other than my parents. I’m a very fortunate kid that i have a good parents that doted and loved me like a princess since the day i’m born.

Though i do not have a very big family line but i don’t feel lonely at all. As far as i could remember, my mum will bring me out to get my toys every week whenever we are out for shopping. The toys were not those outdated toys whereas it’s just out in market. Each time i saw on tv, my mum will say OK 我们明天去买! Haha those were the beautiful times.

My craziest cousins, Liting, Weijie and Jasmine :’) they never fail make me smile whenever we meet up. I’m glad that even though we rarely meet up but our feeling s still as close. I treasured the times hanging out together.

As we grow, problem starts to flow. I kept things in my heart. I start to ponder who should i turn to?or how should i put it. Yet sometimes i just want to be alone. Procrastinating.

Well just leave me alone.



      1. I definitely have leave. Which part of march? I’ll be going BKK during end of march. If start or mid I ON her!

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