Back to blogging :>

Finally have time to blog ; Been very very busy right after cny. Not too sure how s other ppl’s business BUT we are really busy. Day and night i’m dealing with customer’s enquiries, dealing with human relationship, dealing with nasty customers & some nonsensical ppl’s comment. Seriously, i’m very tired of it.I just can’t find a “friend” here other than 2 big boys.

I’m getting wider haha! With all the good food i indulge recently.. One word, sinful haha



I think i need a break in everything i do.Hmm i’m still planning of what i wanna do but i do need some time. Hmm.It’s really true that the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Well,continuing to stay in singapore s really tiring. BUT what to do? Hmm. #random

Anyway, i really do enjoy e company from cs, ky and hui recently. Thy had been a great company all the while. A Big thank you to you guys :> much appreciated!


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