Its thursday!

Had awesome dinner with my parents at this lovely vintage cafe located at tampines mall :’) I always wanted to eat round chicken rice but can’t seem to remember the exact location of the authentic traditional round chicken rice. Well no fish, prawn also good! Haha! Overall not bad! Worth patron-ing them. Shall try their penang laksa and prawn noodles the next visit !




Feeling ultra stress at work! Need to find some activity to release my stress! Argh. Just can’t seem to concentrate on the things i wanna do. By the time i wanna brainstorm my stuffs, my mind already in sleeping mode. Gosh! When where what HOW?!?!?!



  1. There’s a very nice chicken rice ball stall opposite wonder lust hotel. It’s located near swee choon area.

    1. Hahaa swee choon area that round chicken rice shifted out. Thy once located near roadside but shift to dunno which part of jalan bersah again. Ahaah then lost track liao haha

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