Trust Vs Emotions –

Trust? I trust but somehow doubt. I just need someone (at work) that can side me when someone out there is trying to bully/twisting of facts. Investigating is relatively important but it’s also in the matter of trust. I’m disappointed when some b***** out there trying to distort facts ruining my reputation. Wake up your bloody idea pls, i’m drawing salary also. Why can’t we work as one?

I don’t like ppl to doubt me. I put customer’s stuff and concern first than my own thing. Sometimes even weekend i have to solve their problem tru phone calls. Does those b****** out there as hardworking as me? I bet thy are sleeping in their nest warmly. Well, if you think you are putting in as much effort as me,challenge me then. If not then shut your bloody mouth up! I strongly believed in karma! :>

Emotions; I felt damm demoralized by those ppl. Seriously F up. Don’t find excuses to cover your backside. If you are honest enough then own it up. 小人命ah you? Why don’t wanna be human instead? Pui chao nua. So old liao don’t know how to think? Don’t make me look down on you guys.

Rumors; so free spreading rumors? Why don’t you use your precious time to make love? Or don’t have love to make? Tch, why does mid age people like spreading rumors? Don’t make me laugh la, reporter meh? 不要拿我的屁股当你的脸皮!

Maybe it’s really time for me to reconsider my planning. I need another half year or so! Dear God, pls bless me !



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