Weekend & leave ;

Went on leave the other day to relax myself :> been ultra stress these few weeks till i couldn’t control my temper anymore. Decided to take a step back & here i am with all my food lol ;

1) At Createaf Waffles located @ Cathay; Not too bad but still not as good as compared to little ice cream cafe :> The waffle we had that day was a little burnt, thank god to have ham&cheese to cover the taste :>
2) The Soup Spoon fondue – It’s Funny to have salty biscuit to match with fondue. Very weird taste. The chocolate base they offered was extremely bitter but we are able to add in milk by ourself. Clever cs pour all e milk in the fondue and it became super watery lol!
The best fondue i had was at Henderson and Swensens :>
3) Sukiya :> Having steamboat is the most time consuming thing in this earth but just nice thats what me and cs need before the movie starts.




Any recommendation for hotel in hongkong? PM ME PLS :>
With love, Xin.


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