Updates :>

Social work with Nanyang JC :> It wasn’t that well-planned. There were 60plus employees and approximate 30students taking part in this event. Imagine one group can ONLY visit 2-3 household. BAD planning.

Mesmerizing Leo club period, me and team were assigned to assist whole block of residents located at redhill. (I could still remember clearly). This is what i call voluntary work. Really assist and bring joy to all elderly :> i really miss those awesome times! 20130317-003835.jpg


My date with KY CS and ZAIZAI :> After having dinner at tampines, we headed to zaizai’s place. Been almost a year since i last visited them. Glad that they are doing pretty fine ;> I’ll never forget those that helped and pulled me up in life before. Thank you!
If god did not give u aplenty of wealth but on e other hand they gave u pink of health. (So appreciate it) 20130317-004824.jpg
Too tired, Too Vex, Too sleepy.



      1. Haha. I can’t remember if I did go redhill estate with you. How you get to find this voluntary event? Next time ask me along too!

      2. This event organized by abwin. Very bad planning leh, like waste my time. 2hours to visit like 2-3 family ONLY. April theres one more. U wanna go? Lol

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