Well Well Well! Me and cs had found another awesome place serving yummy Malaysia’s delight.

The staff was friendly & good enough to let us have cushion seats despite of having only 2 person. Many bistro or cafe will only offer their cushion seats to bigger crowd. Thus, small grp or couple will have to squeeze. WE did pay for our food, why do we have to make ourself uncomfortable?? -UNFAIR ley.

Our order : Niap Niap Nasi lemak & awesome prawn noodle soup & Non Calorie Cocoa drink :> This prawn noodle is not like those we normally had at hawker or even food court. Their soup doesn’t taste that oily as seen! Nothing can describe the taste! Try it out and you will be convince by that! :>

Hereby ; Another post about food to release my stress yo! Good 9 !


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