Ding Tai Fung ;

My alll time favorite Ding Tai Fung :> Missing Taiwan’s ding tai fung. The Xiao long bao in taiwan s much more tasty than in singapore haha! Met up with noisy sis for dinner. Been a dinosaur years since i last met her. TIME TO RELEASE MY STRESSS!!

Our Food :>
– Separating the pork rib & the noodle to maintain the crispy taste of the rib!
– A must to order xiao long bao :>
– Yummy-licious 香菇面! 20130320-231330.jpg




Having mindset problem now. Everyone is trap in the rat race now but well what can we/i do? I used “hard work” to earn that pathetic penny and seriously i wonder how long can this last? You can say i’m kind of ambitious. BUT if you don’t even have that little thoughts then you’ll never succeed. Soooo when is that little thoughts going to carry out?
Planning planning planning!

I need encouragement & support!


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