# Random Thoughts ;

1) Are foreigners meant to be stupid or being too clever? I wonder how come those foreigners that i had been facing are so scheming and sarcastic? I really don’t understand these kind of idiotic mentality. How come one self can be so in-cooperative and selfish? 一种米养百种人。#dislike

2) 为什么有那么多人喜欢开空投票?Too many empty promise and it became disappointment. Ppl just love to say without action #turnoff

3) I don’t like using too much labour in exchange for that little bit of money. Well let’s just hope k keep his words. Just very very tired at times. Keep reminding myself to endure and endure.#Stressatwork

4) I’m focusing more on earning money now so i can carry out my plan hohoho! 在别人眼里,你可能觉得我很爱钱!well , in this world you can’t do anything or fulfill any dreams without money! 我花的每一分都是我亲力亲为地赚回来地。Even my weekend also fill with opportunity of earning money. No pain no gain. I Really need to work smart from now :>

我最讨厌被看不起的感觉!这种感觉刻苦铭心。I’ll never forget this kind of feeling. From then, i tell myself i shall work hard earning bits&pieces of money. I really must work hard. #deepthoughts

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  1. After every Chinese sentence is English, it’s like you’re translating for me just in case I can’t read Chinese? Haha. 加油! Do the labbit move and I’ll sayang you.

    1. Can i have the cat saiyang action pls? Hahaha! Translate abit so u can understand mah. I know u good good got read. Lai xin kiss kiss *MUACK* ltr i share a video at your fb lol.

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