Brain-storm-ing ;

Things that i would like to achieve ;

1) Pass that 3 paper & get my certificate (hopefully 1st attempt)

2) SUZUKI PINK EVERY/ BETTLE/ FIT/ Peugeot 207 Sport. PS: Those who know me long enough sure know that i’m a die hard fan for volkswagen as well as having the thoughts of owning a car! Well that’s a dream since the day i started working. 认命认命。Someone ask me to get on 21/01/2014 , guess will be hard loh (damm hard) haha.


All in my mind now is to work hard and achieve my stuffs. Hmm troubled. Should i focus on insurance and forsake my business plan? What if i would like to do both concurrently?


Very Troubled …. Troubled ….



  1. Perhaps you can tentatively go focus on your insurance first and when the insurance is on the hot stone, you can start bit by bit on your business plan. Long term planning is important. How you see yourself in 10 years down the road with what’s achievable within your limits. Jia you! :>

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