Food makes u happy!

Awesome food after tuition :> I love hawker food but not the smell. Thank god – Old airport hawker does not make me smell like walking food after e dinner :> Cs & i was hunting for hokkien mee! Saw ppl eating but we can’t seems to find haha!
20130415-001041.jpg20130415-001056.jpg20130415-001118.jpg20130415-001124.jpgMy #foreveralone sunday ; I (used to) scare being alone & eating alone. But now, i’m perfectly fine eating alone,study alone and shop alone. Still can’t watch movie alone ahah thats 最高禁戒!Cs came to pick me up for dinner :> whenever i’m down i just want someone by my side. I don’t need anyone to comment anything, just stand by me & cheer me up.

Mr Teh tarik @ Ecp is sucha letdown. So many customers yet lack of manpower. End up we had Otown instead. The Kaya Butter toast,just simply give it a miss. Look at the butter, Ya-Kun ‘s butter s 10times more than them & definitely much tastier. Hmm maybe the only thing worth trying is their white milk tea :>
20130415-001829.jpg20130415-001841.jpg20130415-001857.jpg20130415-001906.jpg20130415-001916.jpgGood luck to cs interview tomorrow!
From Cb Lcb Cbs Cbb No7 Alpha Scb Dumbo & me :> 20130415-003740.jpg


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