Lao Beijing & Blood donation ;

Meet up with Alicia, luis & gab dinner on friday :> Thanks to luis’s recommendation at Lao Beijing ; Pricing range from $18.80++-$23++ ; Among buffet style, these s really affordable. I’m often into dimsum but definitely not at lao beijing lol. Their food tasted like 煮炒, but much better :> Not much variety of dim sum in their list but if u are looking for better quality 煮炒 food, lao beijing is definitely a place for you! Haha. A must to try ; Braised Tofu, Braised Pork rib & Icecream puff :> 20130422-191656.jpg20130422-191731.jpgBlood Bank @ Ps :> O+ Blood was urgently needed last week ; Thanks to e concerning staff at HSA, never fail to call us up whenever 16 weeks s up. It had been a great reminder all these while. A good saturday to get all my things done :> 20130422-191712.jpgHmm, living like a timebomb but who understand?

Regards, XY steph


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