Mayflower & Crystal jade ;

It’s a good friday yo! Feeling blissful that everything had been doing fine :> hope this continues.

Due to the depriving of home-cooked food; I love hawker food but not the smell. What about having good food in high class restaurant? To me, It’s just using money to buy atmosphere and environment.

Double LIKE this awesome ice-jelly that K intro ; Less than a dollar dessert, you can’t find it anywhere other than Mayflower :> It just taste damm great!
20130426-231548.jpg20130426-231725.jpgDinner with my siao char bo @ Nex :> Everywhere is so crowded! We took many shots of food but not ourselves haha! Ice lemon tea @Crystal Jade is a must to try man! I find it damm nice but up to individual haha! Great meal with great company sum up an awesome night :>
20130426-233442.jpg20130426-233455.jpg20130426-233513.jpg20130426-233522.jpg20130426-234102.jpg20130426-234107.jpg Have a lovely weekend ahead :>!


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