#Recent updates ;

Cycling date with love on labour day :> Had been a long time since we last cycled. Haha this time round we rented for 2hours and 1hour free ; 天不做美, it rained on our way back. Haha well well, well spent day with love :>
Awesome duck rice located @ Queens street near bugis junction. Long Q but its all worth it :> Cs ordered a set consist of 叉烧、烧肉 and 烧鸭! Their 烧鸭 is really good! Haha i love their homemade sauce & rice. Cs waited for some time & it’s all worth waiting! If i din remember wrongly, its 新荣烧腊! Try their chilli ! 🙂 must ask cs to go there again soon haha. Good food good mood! (Cs in blue) 20130507-171354.jpg20130507-171405.jpg20130507-171412.jpg Sunday Snack with mum @Chinatown; I ordered Peanut paste but it’s oos. Arghh but their walnut paste tasted better than dessert story. I love their ba zhang :> i gonna try these kind of cantonese ba zhang in hongkong! #23 more days to HK! Okay enough of food haha. 20130507-171803.jpg20130507-171810.jpg20130507-171816.jpgAhpanman! This sis of mine never fail to brighten my day. We don’t need to contact every single day yet when we meet up we had endless topic and i can speak my mind comfortably. Thank you for being there love :> appreciated from the bottom of my heart!
#I really need to find the correct time to spill the beans.


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