Food makes ME happy ;

Brought my empress to Ding Tai Feng for dinner :> had always been her fave place for dining. Happy mother’s day love!
20130521-105028.jpg20130521-105037.jpg20130521-105045.jpg20130521-105054.jpg20130521-105103.jpg Been craving for Ba gu teh last week :> & here we are @ geylang! Awesome herbal ba gu teh with hui! He had been sucha sweet buddy bringing me around for nice food during lunch :> 20130521-105500.jpg20130521-105510.jpg20130521-105521.jpg
Meet up with my 2 lovely sister :> Had been a long time since we last meet up. Nevertheless we had endless jokes & heart to heart topic with each other. A great time! Appreciate much.


Bitch-ing ;
Had been tolerating one of the bitch(es) for a very long time! First i wished you can just stop your bloody mouth from spreading nonsense & your act cute voice. Please lah! Not cute at all okay. Second, your perfume smells like rubbish dump! Neither sweet nor floral. Don’t know what the shit is that! Damm disgusting u know? I bet u dunno cos u are wearing it everyday! FLIRT is the only thing you know? Want to flirt, flirt openly! Don act like an innocent small cat to attract attention. Pui chao nua. So old liao still act cute! See liao 翻胃! No wonder im having gastric lately. Lastly, i kept quiet doesn’t mean i don’t know nor i don’t mind. Feel like as if a clown is doing entertainment show. So don’t ever provoke me again. Listen Bitch, i won’t give in the next round.

Don’t know why, whenever comes to scolding ppl i can type a long list haha! Well. Not happy don’t read. Ciaos!


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