HongKong #Disneyland

Hello! HK trip day 1 :> Hongkong is extremely hot & humid. Total dryness compared to singapore. Well, for their attractions is total worth the sweat ! First stop Disneyland ;
20130608-214756.jpg20130608-214813.jpg20130608-214842.jpg20130608-214944.jpg20130608-215027.jpg Train to Disneyland from airport :> According to the Airport staff, by taking train or cab cost around HKG120. Train is so much accessible than cab, as we din get to see any taxi stand nearby the arrival area.

Our snack @ disney! Try their Turkey leg & mickey waffle! Haha thy do provide gloves for the turkey leg. Thoughtful enough for customers when eating their food! 20130608-220015.jpg
Just in time for their awesome Performance! If i din remember wrongly, they only have one performance per day. Should be around 3.30pm haha! Cs is more familiar than me haha cos he planned most of the itinerary. I’m just a follower lolol.
20130608-220501.jpg20130608-220518.jpg20130608-220908.jpg20130608-220933.jpg20130608-221019.jpg20130608-221047.jpg20130608-221101.jpg20130608-221123.jpg20130608-221155.jpg20130608-221217.jpg There are many rides & games in disney. New & fun experience! I loved the laser shooting rides. Forgotten the name but its so fun! U gain points while shooting. Haha. Next awesome thingy, it’s a small world! (Random photos)
20130608-221944.jpg20130608-222002.jpg20130608-222032.jpg20130608-222045.jpg20130608-222102.jpg20130608-222122.jpg20130608-222138.jpg20130608-222151.jpg20130608-222213.jpg20130608-222246.jpg20130608-222308.jpg20130608-222326.jpg Scorching sun is hardly bearable! look at those cute rides & scenery! It just bring smiles to your face 🙂 🙂
20130608-222831.jpg20130608-222915.jpg20130608-222851.jpg20130608-222957.jpg20130608-223012.jpg20130608-223035.jpg20130608-223059.jpg20130608-223113.jpg20130608-223129.jpg20130608-223207.jpg20130608-223221.jpg Lion king musical show :> the singers were great! Been a long time since i watched musical! Its really nice. Don’t miss their show if anyone of you gonna visit disneyland real soon.
20130608-223924.jpg20130608-223951.jpg20130608-224011.jpg20130608-224054.jpg20130608-224302.jpg Goodbye Disneyland! Despite the bad weather, You gave me beautiful memories in HK day 1 🙂 Me and cs had a great great day there! See you disneyland (Europe) in future!

Thank you! 🙂


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