#Koh Grill & Sushi Bar Date

Impromptu date with my girls & wj :> Thanks to smart shin for making reservation slight(ly) advance. So we saved the trouble waiting & the super long q is never you can imagine.

# It’s sushi & sushi :> Sashimi was awesomely fresh! But it wasn’t the nicest sashimi i ever had :> MUST TRY dish should be the shiok maki. Nice mayo sauce blending perfectly with the sushi. You can’t taste it else where other than here. So here it goes ;
20130627-234053.jpg20130627-234101.jpg20130627-234118.jpg20130627-234111.jpg Din able to take photo of fried udon & ramen & sashimi ; haha! When you are too engross in eating, you will tend to forget everything at that special moment haha sooo i din take photo for that awww. Pricing for the 4 of us s around $80++ ; Up to individual to judge whelter is it pricy or being average :>

Paris Baguette Cafe! Haha awesome cafe that i wanted to go with cs haha well cs! U still owe me a trip there! Haha we tried several dessert there! But i still loveee the chocolate cake most! Forgotten the name for that! Haha

20130627-234901.jpg20130627-234915.jpg20130627-234942.jpg20130627-234949.jpg20130627-234908.jpgOrder this and you wont regret! Haha :> I’ll be back for you ;> Dessert makes ppl happy yet fattening #ironic 20130627-235131.jpg
Signing off ! With the crazy me & lizardsss (photo edit by cs) haha :>
Will be back for more HK attractions when i’m free! Ciaos!



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