#Ocean Park at Hongkong

It’s duper sunny when we last visited HK (Ocean Park) in early June; Guess it will continue to be sunny till e next following months.

Ocean park really makes ppl 大开眼界. Me & cs started our day by conquering the first “island” over there by CABLE CAR! Can you imagine how big that fantasy island is? Hahah, We took cable car over & back by monorail :> one word, 赞!How to resist sucha awesome nice scenery! Snap Snap!
(I miss ocean park!!!)

20130628-230432.jpg20130628-230900.jpg Many rides & fun “ti-kum” games (definitely u can’t find this in sg) ; Shops were designed & decorated in theme of 70-80s ; Try their “red bean kueh” & egglet. It wasnt as nice as i thought but worth trying their local delicacies :>
20130628-231312.jpg20130628-231603.jpg20130628-231618.jpg 第一次看到狐狸!当天、那只狐狸像只小狗一样、keep scratching the window hahaha! Ocean park seems like a mini zoo too! Haha reptile park, aquarium (we din visit, too long Q), Sea lion & many underwater lovelies :> WE LOVE DISTURBING ppl using the water sprinkle! HK ppl love aiming indians especially, hoping thy will get wet! it’s just to sabo ppl actually Haha. ( photos in dcam so i couldn’t portray the FUN PART) haha
20130628-232756.jpg20130628-232809.jpg Everything was perfect at ocean park except for some barbarians practicing their barbarian act. Seriously! I dunno what their country taught them! So 不要脸!Cut Q until 出面! 4 words! Go back your country! Spoiler!

Notice that panda on the right of the pic haha. Cute & lazy panda :>
20130628-233140.jpg Enjoyable experience over at ocean park :> Ending with wan tan mee & awesome milk tea @ mongkok! Their prawn wan tan is damm damm nice :> looking at the photos now makes me wanna fly there for their food already ahah! But well, “WALKING” is abit too much in HK. No wonder Hk girls are so slim & pretty! Haha. Pardon me for any typo or any grammatical mistakes!

20130628-233751.jpgLove OceanPark!


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