#No one is perfect

Gonna be a quick post ;

Been working like an ox day & night. In fact, I’m almost perfectionist. Regards to working attitude & being efficient. I don’t mean im VERY efficient but at least better than those stupid idiots trying to be “clever” & never will it happen.

Seriously, they are really dumb at times. Being efficient means we work hand in hand together to get things done ON TIME. Not using “extra” time to malign innocents. Untruth words often spoken/spread by people not using their brain or being brainless.

# Many girls will feel suffocated working with me. Mainly because i don’t think and behaved like girls except for emotions. I don’t do things slowly nor gently. Anyway, u are not 大家闺秀 la. If really do, why not stay at home & do embroidery? We all have different value systems. I just don’t like ppl putting words in my mouth.

If it continues, I wish you good :>


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