In a mess ;

Now is the time to vent all my unhappiness. To many out there might be thinking why this bitch got sooo much things to complain. But i had been verrrryyy tolerant to alot of stuffs already but 心事谁人知 (hokkien pls) lol.

Been ultra duper stress but who understands? Just 2 months of insurance renewal i had been following up closely with approx 90+ customers already. Excluding loan/reloan/external cases. I would rather follow up myself than giving admins to do. Seriously, customers is his! But it doesn’t seems like he cares. Or maybe i care too much.

In a mess in a mess. Our working structure simply works like a skeleton. Soon we are going to lose that important bone structure, Tough period ahead yeah. Work place splits into 3 diff places now. Everything in a mess, Guess everyone having low morale now.




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