August 9th

Random post to end my boring night; This long weekend really bored & tiring;

August 9th ;
Celebrated shin’s bday over at crystal jade korean bbq located at nex. GOOD thing about the bbq is we don’t smell like a roasted human when we walk out of the restaurant. BAD thing, i find the way they marinate the meat is kind of way too salty! Brr. Had a bad stomach after that ……
20130811-010015.jpg20130811-010027.jpg Happy bday shin! Hope you had a great day with us :>
20130811-010532.jpg THIS CHICKEN GINSENG SOUP IS AWESOME! Haha. Complimentary appetizer of the day. Other than that, nothing particular to comment about lol.
20130811-010705.jpg20130811-010716.jpg Goodnight! :>


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