Midnight Post ;

Dishearten ;

I complained every day just to rant my thoughts. I believed this could be my way of relieving some stress. Either i rant it out or i just (huge) spurge on certain things to make myself happy.

Wrong? Maybe.

Everything happened for a reason. But sometimes no point to explain or tell people the reason cos they will never understand. People choose to listen to the things they wanna hear. (Just like me)

Everyone make mistakes. My ego had been way too high at times i do not want to pull down my pride just to agree on that certain bird issue. Especially little argument in office.

You made the mistake, you apologized. Simple as that. A little communication breakdown causes cross fire seems a little bit disheartening.

Appreciates ;

I appreciate the chance & guidance & protection all the while. BUT who appreciate what i had done. I ask for no return already. Yet comfy words doesnt seems to come our/my way. I don’t allow people to rant their voice ever at me. Why should you do that in the first place? Think before you say, consider before you act. I don’t blame anyone.

Sometimes, i don think or consider consequences at all. I just do whatever my heart brings me. True enough, way too stubborn. But deep down, i know i shouldnt do that. It’s difficult to tell people what i’m facing or the terrible feelings i had. Cos at the end of the day, i’m still the only one facing the same old shit problem (myself).

Comments, i don think i need it.
Signed off, 135am


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