Short post on hatha yoga ;

My new hobby : Yoga.
Been procrastinating for some time & finally i took up my 1st yoga lesson – 2 months ago. I’m glad that i met this nice yoga instructor.She had been very patience & humorous tru out the lesson. Though its just an hour class, i really enjoy each bits and pieces of stretching & breathing. #nameste

Yoga is not just about stretching. Its also to promote wellness, correct breathing & posture.

My 1st lesson was hell pain! *imagine* table position, right leg stretch to the back, left foot beside ur left palm, elbow down, knee down, right leg bend up (half hanging) and right hand hold ur right ankle. Okay! Its hard to imagine! But I FINALLY ABLE TO HOLD MY ANKLE! Instructor also mention that our muscle is not that tense up anymore! Yeah! Satisfaction! 👍

Right leg tuck in to inner thigh, hold each other shoulder & stand in a row (team bonding) just so nice & fun! But sad thing is i din manage to take a photo of it :/ well well, yoga is just so fun!

Join me for the intermediate lesson!



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