Mich’s Sweet 16th!

3 more days to my sis sweet 16th birthday! Sound a little disgusting! But i like it haha. We had a little celebration over at the ship restaurant (nex outlet).

The service & food were extremely great and heart warming! The manager was awesomely nice to let us place our cake with them even an hour earlier before our reservation. To his dismay, the cake was not behaving & it toppled. The manager sound damm gan jiong over the phone haha. But it was my bad, I did not inform him before that. I like your service dear manager! Haha
20131013-160728.jpg20131013-160821.jpg The cake s so tasty despite of the look! Guess no one will have this kind of awesome cake in their life & my mich gonna be the 1st Haha!
20131013-161509.jpg20131013-161623.jpg Chicken Maryland – the little pancake, fried banana & tasty chicken :> 20131013-161856.jpg The last bday girl in our grp! Next will be christmas gathering :> looking forward & hope it’ll be fun even the attendance rate gonna be low. 20131013-162215.jpg With love !



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