Define 理智。

Unproductive people are just maggots waiting for people to destroy them. If can’t even be productive, choose to be a slightly useful person. Don’t give people the impression u are using relationship to maintain your status. I can tell you i don’t bother. It is just a role of responsibility. If you can’t even be a little responsible towards yr role then shut the fuck up. I can’t see how useful u are when problem surfaced. I can’t feel how busy u are when u can have time to play with gadgets. I can’t just see the benefits of being 理智 now towards this kind of person. Truthfully, a kind & loyal person indeed but thats for a friend point of view but not towards work. I repeat myself again, don’t use relationship over EVERYTHING.

& to that person: define 理智, define “he rarely vent temper”. Holy shit, who likes going to an environment like visiting a funeral? So i now asking u, who die? Who is the one dying now? Fuck up. & Who likes an environment when everything was thrown to u machiam OH its yr fucking role & u mst do it?

My greatest satisfaction is the customers reply & being respected by them. The earnest respect gained. Despite having rain&shine, love-hate relation. I still like being respected & loved by customers.

Not being sandwich.
Not being bias.
Don’t discriminate any one.
Pls respect.


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