Pls don’t find me childish lol ;

Finally cs & i found another Carebear baby series (Cheer) ! Initially we found a light green carebear (baby series too) at the arcade! After much spending & yet we can’t get it! Depressing! Cos this series had already stopped manufacturing. I want the full set so badly.


Before we end our day, we found CHEER! (BCBS) BY CHANCE! Thank god!! This really brighten my day!

Carebear had (indirectly) gave me hope & strength to move on during my toughest time. Of cos not forgetting my dear friends around me.

Carebear means never stop caring. In addition, Carebear also means i care for you ( cs created ) lol.

The very first carebear me and cs had :> & he went to Glasgow before haha! 20131026-233642.jpg20131026-233718.jpg
Please give me happiness & luck down the road, bless me with what i want & will come true ! :> Much love!!
20131026-234110.jpg Goodnight! :>



  1. Because you hated green so much. You’ve got no fate with green baby series care bear! So you need to start appreciating green and green care bear will appear! :s

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