Boil, boiling, boiled ;

Mood issues happens on anyone.

Someone mentioned to me; why aren’t u as successful as him? The “him” is a customer, same age as me. Well define successful now.

I don’t admire those ppl’s success by depending on his/her parents to have it. Bullshit, total bullshit. He depend on his parents to have the “success” today. So very successful meh? Tell me if without his mom, will he be what he is today? Bullshit bullshit!

If you can depend on yourself, being independent enough and i will definitely respect you or anyone out there.

Who are u to comment that im not successful? STFU okay. At least i depend on myself to earn a living. Having many form or ways to generate more income. Unlike those little brat out there. Yeah go suck more milk.

The above mentioned has NO offense to anyone. All personal thoughts.

Fug it.


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