Childhood ;

From age 1-10, my parents will get baker to customize my birthday cake with number if not rabbit design. Mostly was number from age 1 to 10. As far as i could remember, we celebrated at grandparent’s hse located at serangoon.

To many people, only child will gain the most attention & love. Apparently, i got it. My ah gong, my parents & my ah yi doted me. But i do not know how to express my love towards them. Prolly because of my ego? Maybe yes maybe no.

Sad to say, my grandma & uncle seems to dote my cousin more (whom also only child). I remember clearly my uncle gave those memorable vintage kind of phone card to my cousin rather than give it to me. Some good stuffs they will share it with her instead. Maybe shes older or maybe shes richer. I never hate them nor im having any hard feeling with them. I just felt neutral but some things just can’t seem to forget but stuck in yr bloody mind till u die. I don hate but love them. Especially my cousin. Shes my only cousin & someone close to my heart even though we might nt close physically. My ah gong that doted me the most left us for almost 3years till now. Not because i don dote popo, but i dunno from where & how should i do the approach. (Self thought), having my cousin to dote her is good enough. She has a car & able to drive her around, she has a very good income (better than me), can bring her to try good food around sg. I just can love them from far.

I’m just someone that do not know how to express myself out but deep down i know i love all of u. Dear Popo, Stay healthy & happy in ah yi ‘s hse now. Get well soon!

With love,
Hei pi


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