Tuition ; Tutee ; Tutor

13 Nov 2013 ;
Today i’m officially able to “resign” as a tutor. Being a tutor is like being in a relationship. It needs commitment, time & love for the student. For almost 8years being a tutor, i’m glad that those parents that i had met was super nice & good! There weren’t those fussy kind.

My top 3 good student that i loved were Yrika, Charles & kiven. Been teaching Yrika from her K1 all the way till Primary 4. One of the student that is so close to my heart! A pity that i could not teach further anymore. The higher the level, the greater the pressure. In real life, i’m already carrying tons of pressure. Thus, teaching higher level s really aint my cup of tea. Charles, a big boy now, been teaching him from his Primary 2 to Primary 5. Nonsensical boy that gave me abundance of joy & surprise during tuition. Haha the only boy that love shitting whenever i asked him to do his homework. Lastly, back to kiven, the cute boy i taught from K1 till now (heading P2) :> Initially, i really thought of giving up this tutee. Cos hes simply difficult to handle! A little k1 kid that do not know how to settle down, do not know what is tuition & lives in his own world are now a grown up matured P1 kid :> His ah ma been super good towards me, often offer me bread/bean curd. I really really appreciate you guys for all the kind gesture! I will never forget you guys :> Thank you! Without you all, i won’t be what i am today.

Tuition is not just about earning money. But to give (x10) your 150% effort in grooming the kid & train them to gain confidence when problem faced. When the kid succeed in overcoming their fear, it is your success.

I can’t find the photo of the korea kid that often stuff color pencil into his nose! Hahaa. Damm wasted! Can’t seem to find it! Here are some of the Photos of my past tutee ( Just for laugh)
Today is a moody day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Goodnight everyone!


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