I don’t have ALOT of friends in my life. Definitely not a sad thing, it makes me realize who are the true ones.

This girl that i chatted today ; She’s the first one to call me when i was on my way for check up. She offered to accompany me if i’m alone. The call from her is really heart warming. Even if its just words :> Thank you for being there. & don’t feel alone or down, just leave me a msg & i will be there no matter rain or shine. Sisterhood always! 今世来世都是!

Another good sis of mine been doting me since secondary school. She will go all the way out for her friends. Though we might not be meeting often, but our heart still as close as one. I really appreciate her going all out to source my favorite carebear. A tough chic and kept things all in her heart. Although sometimes i might seems cold, but deep down i know i care. I really appreciate all the fate we have. Cheers to our friendship a million times!



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