Date with alicia (Line stickers&pizza) ;

Line stickers been distracting me & alicia till we din take any photos at all! Finally able to download free line stickers without worrying VPN free trial being expired!

*Ang inspired* , Android able to use Openvpn for connection easily! Well, Iphone users can download from app store & connect freely like any android user ! Hongkong, Thailand & korea stickers are seriously cute!!!
20131127-232638.jpg and i randomly download an app called VPN Gate. This will activate all the VPN server around the world. Just click & choose the server you want & CONNECT :>
If i can apply these street smart on studies jiu hao haha! But well, often we can’t turn back time! Awesome meet up with ang today :> Silly girl bought this lovely & handy melody casing from taiwan for me!! It came just in time when i wanted to change away current casing! Whoohoo! Love it so much! Thank u sis :> 20131127-233333.jpg
I’m really glad & grateful to those that pay special attention to what i like & what i don’t like. It’s really heart warming :> #myslightlybrightenedday


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