Me & myself ;

I only angry at things for moment & once i get over it i wont get bothered by it anymore. Sometimes i find myself too stubborn & too soft hearted. Seriously i don’t understand myself at all.

I’m not a 千手观音。I really tahan for a long time already, getting more and more dreaded. Frankly, I enjoy doing general insurance for all customers but i don’t enjoy the workload. The responsibility s kind of tooo big. I need to submit loan, remember customer’s stuff, renew insurance, do coordination, arrange handover date with some admin stuffs. I don’t know how long i can still withstand. But what i know now is i have to pass my GI asap. Really is asap.

Admin not cooperating is still not the most dishearten thing. The most dishearten thing s your peers not being understanding enough & having internal disagreement. This is the lamest shit ever.

Don’t feel like typing anymore.


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