Bangkok Jam ;

Our virgin trip to bangkok jam. :> Initially thought these bangkok food might gain motivation & “gain-nees” of booking air tix (to BKK) asap. BUT i was wrong hahaha.

The portion was kind of too little & i’m really shocked to see sucha small bowl of tom yum soup. Mango rice not sticky enough, pineapple rice lacking of the sweetness of pineapple taste. Hmm Its much more worthy to have it at Porns’ or even Nankhon seriously.

We ordered Phad thai, Pineapple rice, tom yum soup, Stir-fry chicken with cashew nuts, thai milk tea & mango sticky rice .Sum up a total bill of $74+.

It’s up to individual to judge whether its worth it or not. Shopped at Marcella & moviee- hunger games after the dinner :>

PS: Been a long time since we last watched mid-night movie! Bohoo!


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