18 dec ; Rainy –

Not been sleeping well for the past few days. Super duper tired. Wish my BKK trip is just like tomorrow zzz. Been tempted to go tw again. Simply miss the food in tw as well as hk. But like what cs always said, we been to tw too many times. Shld venture other country instead. Hahah 那里有钱去?辛苦没人知啊~~~

Patrick’s 千金 came over abwin today for vehicle viewing! Shes such a sweet pie!!! So cute and always wan baobao ahaha! E dad told me shld name her “carry” rather than saige haha. Damm cute! 20131218-155148.jpg
20131218-155204.jpg #random
Look at the new carebear “wonder” hahaa her face really damm wondering haha still prefer the vintage kind of carebear. Its really hard to find! Anyway, I’m stil looking for Carebear baby series. Never give up! Fighting!

I need a break!! Too tired ~
Mugging on my cgi now while doing some work. Ciaos!


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