Ending of Year 2013 ;

A very dramatic 2013 indeed. May all the best falls upon 2014!

Thank you guys for the awesome 2013 accompanied me regardless rain or shine! I greatly greatly do appreciate all of u! Budds, colleagues, ex- colleagues, Sisters & also my one&only cs ^^^

Christmas eve with ufos :
A group of people that creates very very loud noise and laughters each time we meet up. Though sometimes we all had different point of view & opinion but we often end up with peaceful solution. Its not easy to plan gathering especially in a big grp. As time goes by, each of us that bring their partner along & will have a total of approx 19pax of us already (in late future). The group gonna get bigger and challenging :> Appreciate all the gift exchange & laughters! 20131225-212155.jpg
Impromptu gift from my sis! Been looking for this socks for quite some time & she found it!!! Even though we din meet up that often but we will chat in different channels that bring our heart close as one! & She will never forget my stuffs! My love one always! 我知道你有我的心。 :>
A very surprise gift from cs :> A sweet boy that knows my heart & myself very well. Because of the trip, i saved up my money just to fulfill my wish/resolution (of bringing my parents overseas). Being thoughtful, he bought the gift voucher secretly (Which i dunno when) from NIKE Store just for me to get my stuffs @there. Seriously, i can’t bear to use the vouchers yet haha. Thanks alot alot! CB like it too!
From GE to AB, from ex colleague to colleague once again. This crazy budd never fail to make ppl laugh! Haha i was shocked to see christmas card in my drawer & wonder who the hack sent it to me! & its from Luis Ng lol! Somemre he used his boss’s resources to send hahaha zekah! Appreciate much man! (Wishes @ instagram )

I din have time to think how to type. It just flow out of my shagging mind. A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! May 2014 be a great & awesome one for everyone out there! Lovesss!

With love,


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