Grateful appreciation ;

I’m grateful and thankful to those whom had helped me & encouraged me for the whole 2013! It had been great despite having some down turn!

1) I’m grateful that … cs had been there 24/7 regardless of rain & shine. I really appreciate your presence & support tru out the year. It meant alot! Thank you for everything & looking forward to the good 2014 ahead! ( tgt with all our carebearsssss )

2) I’m grateful that … I had a job that gives me freehand to do coordination & makes me realized i really like doing general ins(ONLY) haha. Grateful to KK & hui for all the tolerance towards my temper & support whenever i face a problem. My soul mate & buddy always! 2014 good year, good business for all of us.

3) I’m grateful that … I had a group of funky UFOs that forever brings me smile on my face & love all the nonsense each time we meet up. Too many to name each individual out, but i really appreciate all the great time hanging tgt as one. Work hard to achieve future endeavors & great success for everyone! Love you guys!

& ky ( the irritating bitch ), everyday rush me & msg me bout my location. But despite all the nonsense haha i still love her much! May u have a bf, good health & awesome year ya! Hugs!

4) Not forgetting my parents that always giving me moral support to the things i do. I believe i’m independent enough & I rarely share my problems with them. But i know they are there for me always. Wishing them ; A healthy and a smooth year ahead!

Resolution 2014!
马上赚多钱!its all money! Cos i’m a money face mah hahahahaha!

Goodbye 2013, well wishes for 2014!

With love,
Xin Yi Steph


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