Classes ;

Saturday ;
Went bodypump with sweet & its damm really fun. Indeed better than bodystep. The aftermath of workout is the damm body sore on my thigh & bicep now. REAALLYY damm sore! Mugging after my class & meeting panda for dinner :>
Sunday ;
Hot yoga today was a disaster! Dunno which bloody hell go and adjust the room temperature to 45! & instructor went to adjust the temp back to 38 then nvm eh! Dunno why e temp became 41 in the end zzz. The instructor ‘s pace was ultra duper fast! Heng i managed to endure till the end of the lesson. Imagine u have to endure tru the DAMM hot temp & doing the difficult pose that she asked us to do! *SHAG* ; i better think twice before registering her class zz! Too sore to tink now.


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