Paranoid ; 心情二 ;

I get easily paranoid just by anyone’s action or words. Just give me some time to lower my stress lvl & stuffs.

1) Avoid telling me about invading privacy & reading other ppl’s msg or even use the person phone to reply.

2) Avoid telling/showing me how impatience u are. Seriously, i’m also a impatient person. U tell me how pekcek u are & rant yell shout at me, for? I kept quiet doesn’t mean i like it. I just want to talk when necessary only.

3) Don’t manipulate me. I don’t live under your / anyone’s shadow. Don’t teach me what to do when you don’t even understand. Sometimes i just prolly need company & comfortable words. Being there for me is good enough.

Job, environment. What i want now is still venturing general insurance. I just hope i can continue with this & no disturbance from ANY one out there. 河水不犯井水。

I sincerely apologized to my surrounding people that had been tolerating my nonsense & attitude these few days. Thank You.

With love,


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