What doesn’t kill & makes u stronger?

“Every road leads to Rome. If this one does not work out, we will just have to take another route. No one will starve to death.”

I hate choices in life. If i have another chance to choose, i will choose to study hard & get good results. I don’t like to work under ppl’s shadow, not because i’m dreaming big but its all just about character.

Your happiness & decision brings disaster in other ppl’s life. Don’t feel happy about it, cos it wont bring you far. I’m not cursing. Just kind of 看不顺眼、所作所为。How many ppl in your life u can make use of? Making use of ppl to create ur next bright future? Path to heaven? Gosh. Ass and dumb! Felt so stupid to join your drama show. Stop your acting skills! asshole.


The thing i wanna do now!!!!! Arghhh! 20140412-001001.jpg


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