5 Things i like about him ;

1) The sweet things he do ;
Knowing i’m a lazy bum, he will prepare & pre-plan stuffs or even activities of the day in advance. A very good planner & able to communicate with me well; Making sure i’m okay of the plan before he proceed. So i don’t have to worry / stress bout anything.

2) Loving care ;
Months ago i thought i had swallowed a satay stick in my throat. He was the first person that came to my mind. I knew he will be there even hes not a doctor. I feel safe whenever hes around. He took half day off from work & accompanied me tru out. I was touched & i know hes the one that i can depend on for the rest of my life.

3) Best friend Best Partner ;
Hes my best friend. Someone whom is close to my heart. Just at times, my work stuff & stress s the only thing i cant really share much of. Not much ppl can understand e political issues im facing. But other than that, hes my everything. Someone that know me inside out, without much saying, he knows what i want.

4) Sweet Sweetness ;
Days ago, i ordered a bowl of Ban nian & asking for more soup for that. He automatically scoop his soup to my bowl instead. Though it was a different soup base, but it still taste nice & yummy. A little sweet gesture makes me a happy women always. He knew i wanted the limited edition carebear from cheers. The next minute, he bought for me. I remember the things you had done for me :> I don’t say doesn’t mean i don’t bother haha. I really do remember.

4) Planning ahead ;
I love traveling & explore different countries. He already started planning a big & exciting trip, whelter or not if we are really going. But the thoughts from him is good enough. I don’t need to travel every year or visit lavish glamorous places. As long as its going with you, even if its batam, its awesome & happy already.

5) Someone i can depend on ;
Having to know i need help in some stuffs, he often assist & help me with any difficulties i faced. Like example i need help in submitting some stuffs, he will even edit the document nicely with no flaws & forwarded it to me Even when i did not ask for any help, he will just assist me whenever he can, knowing that i could not handle it well hahaha. Maybe im a weakling lolol. . He had been a great helping hand to me regardless of any matter.

I love you more than ever. Thank you for every single thing you do! Looking forward to our home sweet home & awesome cute Mavis :> Good9!

With Love,


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