Break through that Horizon ;

It was a impact in my life that i had lost this buddy of mine. Things will never be the same again. I appreciate all the chance given. Chance that i could excel to see the next bright future. I’m just not up to the standard to carry on with the task anymore. I just need a long break & what i need most is to rest & calm my emotions down. I really need to think through what i want now. so tedious.

People make use, tell lies, backstab one another to hit the next stepping stone ahead. I don’t like these kind of political issues & stuff like that. I cannot imagine ppl tell lies to gain a particular thing. Maybe in sales line, ppl are born to tell stories. But somehow or rather, i’m aint good at that anymore.

I seems to give up everything in life. I dunno when i will recover but i hope this day wont be far. As i know my loved ones are there supporting me no matter rain or shine.

Till next post ;


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